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Paradigm for Parity® 2022 Women on the Rise

Today, August 26, 2022, marks Women’s Equality Day and the 102nd anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which granted some women the right to vote. However, Black women did not gain the right to vote until 1965, when the Voting Rights Act passed, and Latinas did not have full access to voting rights until the 1975 extension of the Voting Rights Act.

As we navigate the return to the workplace after two years of the impacts of the pandemic, the path to parity is uplifted by those committed to achieving racial equity in leadership and closing the gender gap.

To commemorate Women’s Equality Day and the work women have done to achieve equity in places of power in society and corporate America, Paradigm for Parity® is proud to announce this year’s “Women on the Rise.”

Each of these women from our member companies were nominated by colleagues, sponsors and mentors and embody outstanding personal and professional leadership, achievement and a willingness to “go the extra mile” — qualities that put them on a path to professional advancement in a competitive corporate environment.

This is 2022’s “Women on the Rise” nominees.

  • Name and title: Gabrielle Christman, President & CEO, Hunter International Recruiting
  • Nominated by: Nicole Lucas, Brand Communications Manager, Hunter International Recruiting
  • Why she’s a woman on the rise: At age 25, Gabrielle Christman founded Hunter International with a fax machine and a dream. Today Hunter is a workforce solutions partner to complex corporations nationwide, with over 300 employees in 22+ states. Christman is a champion for women in business, serving on the WBENC National Forum and WBEC ORV Steering Committee. Locally in Cleveland, Gabrielle is serving as the American Heart Association’s STEM Goes Red For Girls event chair later this year. Christman has been recognized for her work with women-owned businesses, receiving the Women’s Business Advocate of The Year award in 2017, the B2B award for spending with other women-owned businesses in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 and WBENC’s highest honor, the WBE Star award in 2020. As she looks to the future, she plans to continue to grow Hunter’s offerings, overseeing the building of a 32,000 sq. ft. corporate campus that Hunter plans to move into later this year.
  • Name and title: Mindy Black, Director of Performance Nutrition, Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Nominated by: Jessica Jones, Vice President, People & Culture, Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Why she’s a woman on the rise: Mindy is the Director of Performance Nutrition at the Jacksonville Jaguars. She is responsible for designing the team’s meals and personalized nutrition plans to optimize player performance, recovery, and injury prevention. Mindy is board-certified in sports dietetics. Her past experience includes serving as a sports nutritionist for the University of Florida Athletic Association and Jacksonville University. She also owned a private practice in Jacksonville, where she worked with professional and elite athletes of various sports.
  • Name and title: Tori Brown, Account Executive, Lippe Taylor
  • Nominated by: Lisa Vasquez-Fedrizzi, People & Culture Executive, Lippe Taylor
  • Why she’s a woman on the rise: Tori is at the forefront of important trends for the clients and internal team at Lippe Taylor. As a co-Chair of Lippe Taylor’s Inkwell ERG, she has produced incredible panels, moderated events, and secured sponsorships. Tory works to identify trends, which are then shared during meetings that apply to Lippe Taylor’s work. Additionally, she has the eyes and ears of the brands she works on from a media standpoint and helps ensure messaging fits the audience.
  • Name and title: Sophia Malki, Director, Quality Assurance, Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Nominated by: Jane Jordan, Director, Human Resources, Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Why she’s a woman on the rise: Sophia joined Boehringer Ingelheim at the end of 2017. Since joining Boehringer Ingelheim Sophia has grown and developed through different leadership roles into her current role as Director, Quality Assurance. Sophia has managed different teams, some on an interim basis. She has had to work through many challenging situations when taking on new teams and has repeatedly demonstrated her ability to turn them into high-performing, empowered teams. The qualities that stand out in Sophia are her constant demonstration of AAI in her daily work and in leading her team. She remains calm under pressure, always takes a risk-based approach, has a strong growth mindset, a site-first mentality, and is a firm believer in the development of her team as well as herself. Sophia also leads with humility and vulnerability and looks to continually improve her leadership style. Sophia is a committed leader who exemplifies the values and capabilities that we look for in senior leadership.

Name and title: Dawn Fry, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Specialist Staffing Company, SThree

Nominated by: Sunny Ackerman, President, SThree

Why she’s a woman on the rise: Dawn Fry is Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Specialist Staffing Group, the US division of SThree, and a certified diversity specialist. In this capacity, she is charged with managing all regional DEI efforts and initiatives including our commitment to Paradigm for Parity. Dawn’s efforts have led to a deep change within our organization as we openly shift to a culture of equity. There are many tangible manifestations of her work including the creation of seven employee resource groups, which aim to improve and create policy in support of employees and the business. Dawn recently created two guides for global use with managers on how to support their employees during times of crisis and is a steering member of the Global Female Leadership cohort. Lastly, Dawn’s work with our internal teams in support of Paradigm for Parity has been swift and impactful. While we have set gender targets in the US at all sales levels, we are already trending to exceed our yearly 2022 goal and have had particularly great results at the management level. By 2024 we aim to have a 50/50 gender split across all sales roles.

  • Name and title: Shannon Bumgarner, Senior Manager Indirect Purchasing & Tactical Buyer, Trane Technologies
  • Nominated by: Kenya Jacobs, Global Transformational HR Executive, Trane Technologies
  • Why she’s a woman on the rise: Shannon is an integrated supply chain leader who is inspiring change within organizations and with women in technical careers. She is the founder of FemSpired, where she educates, mentors and speaks to women in technical industries about creating personal change. She has successfully applied her award-winning peer mentoring approach to help women advocate for their ideas, view their careers differently, design unique personal brands, and build a support network for the future. An advocate for embracing authenticity, especially among women in STEM, Shannon specializes in process engineering and change management to ensure smooth and efficient engineering and manufacturing. Shannon serves as a member of the program redesign team for Trane Technologies’ Women’s Leadership Program, helping to design the learning specifications for the program and creating a High Impact Learning Map. She also led the pilot of Peer Coaching Circles, developing standard work to expand the concept through the Women’s Employee Network. Shannon’s ability to connect and support so many people while continuing to excel in her career is impressive. She strives for excellence in everything that she does and has been an incredible asset to the company.

Name and title: Tiffany Osias, Vice President of Global Marketing, Equinix

Nominated by: Sarah Waltman, Vice President, Talent Management, Equinix

Why she’s a woman on the rise: Tiffany has held several leadership positions throughout her career as our Vice President of Global Marketing and is a valued member of the Equinix Marketing Leadership Team, where she leads a team of partnership marketers. In addition to being a celebrated leader with widespread marketing expertise, Tiffany is also gifted at developing, promoting and sponsoring others including those on her team, in the wider marketing organization, and across the business. She is a mentor, a sponsor, and an advocate. Tiffany is active in our Allies Council and several Equinix Employee Connection Networks (EECNs), specifically in PrideConnect which focuses on driving awareness and education in the LGBTQ+ community. In her role as the Americas lead of PrideConnect, Tiffany inspires others to show up as their authentic selves, guides their professional development, and shows genuine care for her team members’ well-being. In partnership with PrideConnect, Tiffany created a ParentConnect network where Equinix employees can connect on topics such as allyship, “upstanding,” and supporting their LGBTQ+ children. Tiffany creates an environment where Equinix employees truly feel as though they are safe, they belong and they matter. It is an honor to recognize Tiffany as a Woman on the Rise.

  • Name and title: Deborah Chipperfield, Executive Director, Raytheon Technologies
  • Nominated by: Jennifer Reed, Vice President Investor Relations, Raytheon Technologies & WILL Rise Co-Founder; Jennifer Caruso, Chief Transformation Officer, Pratt & Whitney and WILL Rise Co-Founder
  • Why she’s a woman on the rise: Deb is everyone’s role model for breaking down barriers. An HR Manager turned P&L Leader, Deb has a unique background to lead strategically, drive innovation, deliver on customer commitments, and inspire and empower others. As a manufacturing executive at Pratt & Whitney/Raytheon Technologies, Deb has taken her ability to inspire to the shop floor, where her employees are encouraged to take risks and lead with curiosity. Deb has 24 years of diverse experience functionally and industry-wise — and she has always taken the time to lift others up around her. A graduate of Raytheon Technologies’ high potential program, WILL Rise (Women in Line Leadership Rise), Deb has successfully navigated the leap from HR to operations and has continued to be promoted to lead multiple site locations. Deb exemplifies our mission to elevate women, and in true Deb fashion, she is paying it forward by leading the next class of WILL Rise participants. She shows up every day with boundless energy and drives inclusion and belonging in all that she does.
  • Name and title: Tiffany Readinger, Global Director, Commercial Development & Training, Dentsply Sirona
  • Nominated by: Sarah Waltman, Vice President, Talent Management, Dentsply Sirona
  • Why she’s a woman on the rise: As Global Director, Commercial Development & Training, Tiffany is an experienced medical device and dental professional with 17+ years of award-winning sales, marketing, and training experience. Above and beyond Tiffany’s day job, she cleared the path for many of our successful Diversity & Inclusion efforts, including, but not limited to, starting our first and now largest Global ERG “DS Women”. Further, Tiffany created and spearheaded our successful “Conversations of Understanding” initiative that uses small facilitated conversations to bring employees together, create allyship and inclusion. Tiffany is Known for positive energy, commitment to values, and strong relationships.
  • Name and title: Alicine Francois, Talent, Culture & Organization Development, Eversource Energy
  • Nominated by: Theresa Hopkins-Staten, President, Eversource Foundation & Vice President, Corporate Citizenship & Equity
  • Why she’s a woman on the rise: Over the past several months, Alicine has been co-chairing an Organizational Change Management Subcommittee at Eversource charged with establishing a change management plan and communications strategy to further integrate equity and environmental justice considerations into the company’s work practices, policies, and decisions. Alicine’s leadership and exceptional work have resulted in groundbreaking Equity Guidelines and an Equity Fundamentals course being developed that will launch in September.
  • Name and title: Monne Williams, Partner, McKinsey & Company
  • Nominated by: Diana Ellsworth, Partner, McKinsey & Company
  • Why she’s a woman on the rise: During her time at McKinsey, Monne has been nothing but exceptional in driving change for clients, championing a diverse base of colleagues, and pushing forward research on DEI topics that contribute to change management within organizations. She has authored research on LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace, the dynamics of race in the workplace, and why diversity is a key imperative for companies to strengthen their business. Monne is a faculty member for the Change Leaders Forum and several McKinsey Academy programs. She also serves on the board for Reaching Out MBA, an organization committed to developing the LGBTQ+ leaders of tomorrow.
  • Name and title: Shea Manigo, Senior Vice President, Store Experience, CVS Health
  • Nominated by: Tanya Clark Robinson, Senior Vice President, HR, CVS Health
  • Why she’s a woman on the rise: Shea is the Vice President of Front Store Strategy and Operations and soon to be Senior Vice President of Store Experience for CVS Pharmacy at CVS Health. She serves on the board of A Better Chance. Shea has had a career in healthcare since 2007. She is an active participant in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts and currently serves as the chair of the Diversity Management Leadership Council (DMLC), a council of senior leaders from across the enterprise who collaborate to further the corporate diversity management strategic objectives at CVS Health. We are excited to nominate Shea and are eager to see how her experience and passion lead to positive change.
  • Name and title: Alecia Smith, Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Otis
  • Nominated by: Kili Hinton, Senior Manager, Otis
  • Why she’s a woman on the rise: At Otis, Alecia is a leader in the DE&I space. She is dedicated to creating change and taking her colleagues on the journey of awareness, understanding, and action while being authentic and inclusive. Alecia consistently shows her dedication to DE&I every day by serving as a mentor, advocate, and sponsor. Additionally, she, along with her team, has implemented programs and introduced partnerships, training, and metrics of accountability that will continue to serve Otis for years to come.
  • Name and title: Shireen Garrison, Senior Director, Strategic Client Services, ALOM
  • Nominated by: Hannah Kain, President & CEO, ALOM
  • Why she’s a woman on the rise: Global supply chain management is a complex industry with countless specialty areas that are career disciplines unto themselves. With 19 years of global program management experience, Shireen is the rare professional that leverages her mastery across a broad range of industry disciplines directly into new business development and building long-term, trusted client relationships. She joined ALOM in 2016 as a Strategic Account Manager serving as a bridge between ALOM operations and client teams to conceptualize, sell, and onboard new supply chain support programs. Her business impact since joining ALOM has been significant with double-digit percentage revenue growth in each of the past four years. Her knowledge, combined with an engaging, down-to-earth ability to present compelling, complex concepts, established her as a go-to team member and trusted client advocate. Shireen was promoted to Sr. Director of Strategic Client Services in 2022, where the scale of her impact increased due to her proficiency in motivating and inspiring teams of professionals to push new ideas and achieve results greater than anyone believed possible.
  • Name and title: Kit Krugman, Managing Director, Organization & Culture, Co:Collective
  • Nominated by: Rosemarie Ryan, Co-Founder, Co:Collective
  • Why she’s a woman on the rise: Over the past eight years, Kit has been a force for change at Co:Collective. First, as our people and talent leader, she partnered with Ty and I to build not just our talent base, but the culture that has made us into the success we are today. In the past 5 years, Kit Krugman has leveraged her experience as a thought leader and practitioner in the People, Talent and Future of Workspace to build and launch an industry-defining consulting practice in Organization & Culture Design. She brings together best-in-class creative thinking with deep rigor in organizational psychology to transform organizations from the inside out. Kit and her team have worked with big clients and big causes, all while managing a successful growth trajectory for the practice, tripling the team and revenue in three years. She has been a vocal advocate for gender and racial equity in the workplace — speaking at DisruptHR, Talent2030, Adobe’s 99U, and CultureCon on numerous topics including women in leadership, new organizational models, building a culture of innovation and diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Name and title: Evelyne Audisio, Managing Director, French Strategy, Avionics, Collins Aerospace
  • Nominated by: Joel Davis, Director, EMEA HR, Collins Aerospace
  • Why she’s a woman on the rise: For nearly two decades, Evelyne’s dynamic leadership skills have positively influenced the success of Collins Aerospace. She has played an instrumental role in helping the company navigate through the industry’s toughest challenges. Currently, Evelyne serves as a Managing Director within the Avionics business unit, focused on driving impactful change across the European market. Evelyne actively advocates for gender equity and equality through her membership with the Collins Women’s Forum, an organization that provides access to tools and resources that support the development and advancement of women from all levels within the company. Thanks to her multilingual abilities (speaking English and French), extensive industry knowledge, and focus on increasing representation of women in the industry, Evelyne has become a key asset for Collins and the aviation industry.
  • Name and title: Carolyn Alessi, Regional Director, Community Health & Well-Being, Curtis D. Robinson Center for Health Equity at Saint Francis Hospital
  • Nominated by: Kaitlin Rocheleau
  • Why she’s a woman on the rise: Carolyn Alessi is the Regional Director of Community Health and Well-Being and the Curtis D. Robinson Center for Health Equity at Saint Francis Hospital, a member of Trinity Health Of New England. Carolyn’s tenacity and passion for her work shine through in all that she takes on. She was instrumental in championing Trinity Health Of New England’s pledge to join Paradigm for Parity (P4P), making the regional health care organization the first in Connecticut to join. Her ability to network, engage with local leaders, and inspire those around her is tangible.
  • Name and title: Heather Rivard, Senior Vice President, Transmission & Distribution, Southern California Edison
  • Nominated by: Jill Anderson, Executive Vice President, Operations, Southern California Edison
  • Why she’s a woman on the rise: Heather is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and modernization of Southern California Edison’s electrical grid that covers a 50,000-square-mile service area. Previously, she was senior vice president of Electric Distribution at DTE Energy, where she was responsible for the safe and reliable distribution of electricity to 2.1 million customers across Southeastern Michigan. Heather is a board member of the Association of Edison Illuminating Companies and a member of its Power Delivery committee, where she helps solve challenges and create opportunities for electric utilities worldwide through research and sharing of technical information and best practices. Before joining the utility industry, she spent several years working as an aerospace engineer for the Department of Defense in Washington, D.C., and NASA at the Johnson Space Center.

Congratulations to all of this year’s “Women on the Rise” and thank you to the nominators for demonstrating the best kind of allyship to women in the workplace. Please continue the conversation on social media by by using the following hashtags:

  • #WomensEqualityDay
  • #CloseTheGenderGap
  • #PathToParity

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